Do you have video (premium and promo) content and are you looking for extra revenue OR a free traffic source?

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We offer a 70% revenue share deal for all content and paysite owners.

Your video content will be published on our product sites.

You will get your own channel page on our product sites.

Here we will monetize your premium content and promote your online brands and video clips.



The first step is to register, confirm and activate your account.

One of our account managers will be assigned to you and will contact you for personal assistance.

Here’s an overview to monetize your valuable content and to promote your online properties (brands).

  • Setup your Channel page(s)
  • Upload your banner assets and affiliate tracking urls for each channel
  • Upload your video content for encoding
  • Thumb and price tag your videos
  • Monitor online statistics

Uploaded content will be automatically encoded in various streaming formats to provide our members the best quality.

Price tagged video content can be unlocked by members with a positive ewallet balance value (one-time event).

Members who have unlocked content (one-time action) have unlimited access to that video clip.

Unlocked videos are available in the member’s “My Media” library.


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Content partners are able to setup one or more channel pages for their online brands.

Encoded and published video clips will be promoted on all our product sites.

Here you will find some examples:

You can either make money with your premium video content OR generate traffic to your online brands.